Monday, May 28, 2007

fun fun fun

the castello eurialo was really interesting. it was built pre-bc and is still stanging. it's a point high on a hill that looks out over most of the land which was a good spot for defending.

sunday we had class also. we went to see the statue of the Venus, the goddess of love. it was amazing! we sat and talked about it for about 2 hours. you can get so much out of one piece of art by just asking certain questions and contemplating their answers.

sunday was a huge f├╣tbol game for siracusa. our professor told us about the game and some of us decided to go. that was one of the best experiences i've had thus far. it was so cool to see the pride for the team. the thing about this game was that if they won they would move from D league to C league...which doesnt mean they are bad, they are actually really fricken good. we all bought siracusa scarves (only £5) and tied them around our waist because everyone else was doing the same thing and we wanted to be like real fans. lmao. they ended up winning and all the players took off all their clothes and were walking around in their undies! ahahahaha interesting tradition. later that evening we went to dinner at this GREAT restaurant. omg it was so good! the waiters were funny too!

today (moday) we went around ortigia (the island) and had a scavenger hunt...pretty cool. i'll probably go to the rocks this afternoon. later we have italian lessons! im pretty excited about it!

everything is going well,
<3 erin

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Milo said...

Glad to hear about your appreciation for Italian art. However, if you're in Paris and you want to see a REAL statue of Venus, check out mine: