Friday, May 25, 2007

in siracusa

we moved into our apartment yesterday afternoon. it is really nice! i love the tile. it's huge white marble squares. our room is nice, not small, and we have our own bathroom (ashley and i). we have a mini balcony, you can take one step out and that's it. lol. the shower isnt bad at all.

last night we went to dinner and a bar. it was really fun! we met some italian's who want us to go to the disco-teca with them. lol. fredrico, fabio, john carlo, bennedecto, and some others. lol. they are so nice. they try to speak english to us....they are lovin the american girls. it was fun

we start class tomorrow. we are going to see the Castello Eurialo. cant say anything about it right now but i will talk about it later.

this city is so nice! they have so many beautiful buildings. and the people are great!

more later,
ERIN (which by the way i'm thinking of changing for this month. they cant say my name)

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Diana said...

great to see you have had fun and adventures already! :) i'm so excited - and jealous! :) love you. Oh, and thanks for the graduation card!!! Have fun! bring me back an italian boy. ;)