Wednesday, May 23, 2007

first and second day :)


so at this moment i just had a mojito....really really strong. and im kinda feeling it in my eyes and hands.

yesterday was the long flight....or maybe three days...depending on...well anyways. the flight over to lodon wasnt bad. it was 9 hours but didnt feel like it. they had screens for each person and we got to choose what movie we watched. i watched pursuit of happiness. and we got a 3 course meal!! chicken and rice. good desert. ok getting to the good part. we got to london and were like, on to catania. we went through another security check and went up to look at the screen to find out what gate to go to. what did the screen say????? flight cancelled...??? what are we supposed to do? we went to the information desk and they told us that the air traffic control in italy was on strike. we went back to the ticket counter and first the guy told us there were no flights available for the rest of the week. BUT!!! as soon as miss ashley said we had a class starting on the 24th they found us a seat in the morning. the guy was super helpful. they put us in a hotel and fed us breakfast, lunch, and dinner! yay! we met some ladies who had been to london before and hung with them. they had had the same problem with their flight. we went to harrod's, a five level department store. it was really fun. then we left our friends and walked around london. it was so fun! i liked it!

food at hotel was good

ok...on to the next day....we got to the airport on time and checked in. they put us in first class whaaaaaat. we got to go to an executive lounge for free breakfast. flight was short. catania...we couldnt find the bus. then found it. didnt know where to get off. showed the bus driver that we wanted to go to agora hostel. he told us to get off right then. we got off and had no idea where to go. we went into a book store and a hooootttt italian buff man told us where to go. we walked through so fish smelling sh*t and eventually found the hostel. it's like i expected. and they have happy hour!!!! yeah! we walked all over this city. the buildings are amazing!!! beautiful architecture! and in the park there were old men playing cards!!! i loved it.รน

tomorrow free breakfast and back to the airport to be picked up to go to siracusa.

ash needs the comp...

im excited. we've done so much already!

ok. the end

p.s. the guys here know english words like sexy and number one! lol. they also do the ch ch thing like mexicans but it sounds more like sss sss lmao (laughing my ass off...this is for those who think it meant lame-o)

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