Monday, June 4, 2007

since last monday

wow...i didn't realize i hadnt posted since last monday. the internet here sucks. it is so slow so i kinda try and stay off of it because im afraid i might have a freak out in this quiet internet place. inside i am boiling right now. i have been trying to get on here for about an hour....and once im done writing this it better freakin save.

anyway back to wonderful italy

i am still enjoying myself tremendously. since last monday a lot has happened. today we decided to try and walk to mcdonalds in the rain. mcdonalds is like a mile away on the main island and we had to walk through puddles, through the warehouse area where men were wearning bright orange reflective pants and yelling cat calls, with no side walks. but it was worth it. it was wonderful.

yesterday we went to the beach. really fun. it was kind of cloudy but good. saturday we slept most of the day because it was rainy. we had a wine party at the apt just like friday night.

friday we went to Noto Antica and New Noto. This is a place settled by Muslims. Italy by the way was a Muslim country for two centuries. cool fact to know. Noto Antica was really cool. It's not really a city anymore. it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1693 and never rebuilt, instead they moved 8 years later to new noto. anyway it was beautiful. its a ghost town that is over grown with overgrowth lol. we had class out there which was awesome.

wednesday we looked inside the duomo. that's the church/cathedral. it was really cool. it used to be a roman temple and was converted into a christian church but still has the origonal columns.

tuesday we went to see Herakles in a real greek theatre. Thank God we had to read the play beforehand because it was in italian. i really liked it though.

monday we had a scavenger hunt all over the city. we discovered some new cool things around the city. we also had cooking class at this traditional sicilian restaurant. we didnt cook really. we just watched and sampled the food. yummy stuff.

im not sure if i have already written about the venus...but sunday we went to the museo archeologico and saw the venus!!!

we have "cooking class" again which im pretty excited about.

that's all for now

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